Retro Havoc 2023


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Retro Havoc 2023:

Encore Unlimited wasn’t just about cars and bikes. It was ASDF.CO first big moment in fashion. Amongst the roaring engines and buzzing crowd, ASDF.CO introduced its fresh clothing line, grabbing everyone’s attention.

The ASDF Cabin, the first of its kind in Malaysia, drew crowds, with many visitors excited to see the brand’s latest streetwear collection. Throughout the day, excitement grew, reaching a peak when the new line was unveiled, bringing a sense of modern street style.

ASDF.CO latest clothing line unveiled at Retro Havoc 2023, showcased four unique themes: Script, Minimal, Emblem, and Wavy. Each theme is represented on T-shirts and extended to a range of stylish merchandise, demonstrating ASDF.CO dedication to offering diverse fashion options.

The Script theme stood out with its versatile Adjustable Tote Bag, combining practicality with a touch of elegance. Meanwhile, the Minimal collection went beyond T-shirts, featuring Beanies and Hoodies that exuded a sophisticated yet relaxed style.

The Emblem Snapback Cap became a highlight, embodying the bold and impactful style of the Emblem theme. Complementing this, the Wavy Beanies resonated with fans of contemporary streetwear fashion.

Beyond clothing, ASDF.CO collection includes accessories. Socks with unique designs were in sync with the diverse themes, while the Tumbler became a sought-after merchandise item, reflecting the brand’s commitment to offering a complete lifestyle experience.

The collection’s variety and meticulous design captivated Retro Havoc attendees, showcasing ASDF.CO prowess in the fashion arena. ASDF.CO ability to cater to different tastes while staying true to its distinctive style was evident, establishing the brand as a standout fashion influencer at Retro Havoc 2023.

As the event wrapped up, ASDF caught everyone’s eye as their streetwear line became the buzz of Retro Havoc, showcasing a major success in blending fashion seamlessly into an automotive event.

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